Militaria Archive

Propaganda - 'Das Bild Des Krieges' & 'Skizzen Aus Dem Osten'

'Das Bild Des Krieges' 12 Bildtafeln Aus Der Ausstellung - Kunst Der Front 1942, Herausgegeben Com Luftgaukommando VI. 12 large sized Prints of pictures from the Exhibition 'Art of the Front' 1942. Pictures cover Africa, Russia, France, Finland & Norway. Skzzen Aus Dem Osten - Peter Frantzen. 'Sketches from the East'. 40 sketches created in pastel, charcoal and watercolour. A collection of scenes from Russia covering architecture, landscape and the people. Propaganda material produced to give the German public a perspective on wartime occuppied Russia and marketed as being designed to preserve the soldiers memories of their times on the Eastern Front.