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12. (M.G.) Komp. Inf.-Regt. 5

Album from the 12th (Machine Gun Company) of the Infantry Regiment 5. With the establishment of the Wehrmacht in October of 1934, the 5.(Preußisches) Infanterie-Regiment's I.Bataillon and Ausbildung-Bataillon were used as the basis of Infanterie-Regiment 5, originally known as Infanterie-Regiment Stettin, of the 2.Infanterie-Division. Later to become Infanterie-Regiment (mot.) 5. Photographs include field exercises in Germany, barracks life and recreation, cavalry and what appear to be border crossings, pictures from France and Russia, including Orel. Reference information :5.Preußisches Infanterie-Regiment - 5.Preußisches Infanterie-Regiment - 5. Preuß. Infanterie-Regiment - 2. Infanterie-Division - Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon mot. 5