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Hitler Youth 1936 – Berlin, Munich and Nürnberg Reichsparteitag preparations

186 Picture Hitler Youth collection. This set belonged to one man who features extensively throughout. It illustrates his time in the Hitler Youth from 1936 onwards and also one single picture of him during wartime in SS uniform & finishing with many of him post war working in a quarry circa 1947 – 1948. From his HJ days are his travels to Munich, Berlin and Nürnberg. From Munich there are photographs of landmarks such as the Haus der Deutschen Kunst, the Ehrentempel, Feldherrnhalle & Konigplatz. From Berlin the Dietrich-Eckart Freilichtbühne, Sanssouci & Olympic Stadium. Also shown are many pictures of Nürnberg itself in the run up to Reichsparteitag, including the Reichsparteitag rally grounds, Hitler’s speaking platform & the Luitpoldhain Memorial, the Nürnberg Cathedral and Hitler Youth camps in the vicinity. There are several pictures of him in preparation for a sporting event & some from the Hitler Youth Hostel ship the Jugendherbergschiff ‘Hein Godenwind’ (there is a well known tinnie badge in honour of this ship). Included are some non-military pictures of sailing and some in the Alps, Hallstatt in Austria and others (they were included with this set when I purchased them).