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Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin, Ireland

The graves of many key figures in the struggle for Irish Independence through several centuries. Including Daniel O’ Connell, Michael Collins, Charles Stewart Parnell, Éamon de Valera, Arthur Griffith, Countess Markievicz, Michael Cusack, Robert Erskine Childers, Roger Casement, Frank Ryan, Sean Devoy, Cathal Brugha, James Stephens along with many Dublin Brigade Irish Republican Army veterans of the Easter Rising 1916, the Irish War of Independence (1919 - 1921) and Irish Civil War (1921 - 1923).

Crypt of 'The Liberator', Daniel O'Connell, 1775 - 1847. O'Connell died in Genoa while on a pilgrimage to Rome. He requested that his heart be taken to Rome and the rest of his body to Ireland. O'Connell's coffin has been entombed since 1869 by a large altar stone of black Kilkenny marble with the Durrow Cross inscribed into it. The coffin can be seen and touched through a number of portals cut into the stone. A tower above the crypt is one of Dublin's landmarks, standing 170 feet tall. Glasnevin Cemetery Dublin, Ireland