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Irish Independence - Belfast.

A collection of photographs (October 2011) showing some sights and scenes of Irish Republican/Irish Independence related history in Belfast. Included are the Peace Wall and Murals of the Falls Road, The Clonard Martyrs Memorial Garden as well as the Republican Plot at Milltown Cemetery. Also featured are James Connolly's one time Belfast home. The Long Kesh/Maze, H-Block prison site location of the historically significant 1981 Hunger Strikes and also 1983 Mass prison breakout (also pictures from a Maze Prison escape lecture). Finishing with pictures from the excellent Roddy McCorley Society Museum.

This building was the Belfast home of Easter Rising Signatory, James Connolly. 'Connolly - Ireland as distinct from her people is nothing to me' James Connolly Socialist Patriot Republican lived here as Labour organiser during the years 1910 to 1916. This plaque was presented by Gerry Fitt M.P. on behalf of the Republican Labour Party and unveiled by James Connollys Son Roderic on 5 June 1968.