Militaria Archive

Reichsarbeitsdienst in 1939 Germany, Wehrmacht in France, Belgium, Holland and Eastern Front (including post relief Cholm).

This album begins with Reichsarbeitsdienst service in Germany, 1939 and continues to Wehrmacht service in France, Belgium and Holland. Continuing from there to the Eastern Front and the Cholm area. The Cholm pictures are taken in the post Encirclement period, probably Winter of 1942 into early 1943. The identity of the unit is unknown but the possible units include : - Stab & 1. / schw. Artillerie-Abteilung 536 was subordinated to the 218th I.D. 18th July 1942 in / near Cholm. - The 3. / 536 was also listed on an order of battle chart for the 218th as of 5th July 42. - The I. / 536 (with 1st & 3rd companies subordinated) was listed on an order of battle chart for the 218th as of 1st August 42, and were still subordinate to the 218th until (at least) Oct 1942. One officer's name was Lt. Wehrhahn. - 7th August 1942 an 8,8 cm Flak of the 4. / F.R.1 was in the Cholm sector, the 16. / F.R. 1 was also there at the same time. The 4. / F.R. 1 left at some point, but was back again by mid-October 1942. - 27th Oct 1942 the 2. / schw. Art. Abt. 536 was also brought in under the 218th I.D.