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Cork - Irish Independence sites

Photographs showing a small selection of Irish Independence related sites in West Cork. From Skibbereen there are pictures of the Famine Trail, the ‘Maid of Eireann’ statue commemorating the 1798, 1803, 1848 & 1867 risings against British rule in Ireland, (unveiled in 1904 by Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa this statue was pulled down by the British Army on 14th April 1921). Also from Skibbereen a remaining ‘Penfold Hexagonal’ Victorian post box dating from the Pre-Independence era. From Bantry the Wolfe tone statue in Bantry square (including a French Armada anchor), also the memorial to the 5th Cork Brigade of the Irish Republican Army who gave their lives in Defence of the Republic in the period 1920 – 1923. From Clonakilty the Pikeman statue to commemorate the 1798 Rising (unveiled in 1898). Also in Clonakilty pictures of the National School Michael Collins attended, the Michael Collins statue in Clonakilty square. The Collins memorial at Sams Cross, Woodfield the home of Michael Collins which was destroyed in an act of vengeance by the British Army (Essex regiment) now a heritage centre. From Castletownbere the IRA War of Independence memorial ‘'In Memory of the Men and Women of the Berehaven Battalion who fought for the Irish Republic from 1916 to 1923'. From Kilmichael pictures of the Kilmichael ambush site where Tom Barry’s IRA column attacked the elite of British forces in Ireland and routed them entirely. There was a single heavily wounded Auxiliary survivor from this pivotal engagement. The Béal na mBláth ambush site where Michael Collins was killed by anti-Treaty IRA forces during the Irish Civil War (caused by the British Treaty which followed the War of Independence). From Crossbarry pictures of the Crossbarry Ambush site memorial ‘Mainly Westward from this Monument and later from various other directions on Saturday March 19th 1921 104 officers and men of the West Cork Brigade Flying Column attacked and smashed an encircling British Force of 1200 men The Essex and Hampshire Regiments and the Black and Tans. The I.R.A. caused heavy casualties to the enemy, captured arms and ammunition and destroyed Military transports. The British retreated to their main bases at Cork, Bandon, Kinsale and Ballincollig, leaving the IRA victors on the field of battle. Pray God that Ireland in her hour of need will always have sons like these to fight and die for her. Also Brigadier Charlie Hurley killed by the British near here on the morning of the engagement.’

Clonakilty - National School which Michael Collins, Con O'Donovan & Seán Hurley all attended.