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Polizei Kampfgruppe Ukraine 1942-1943

Polizei photographs of unidentified Kampfgruppe operating in South Ukraine 1942-1943. Overall timeframe is approx 1940-1944. Later on this is a motorised unit including motorcycle & side car, multiple cars, several trucks, including one signals truck and so on. There were also images of an Opel Blitz Lautsprehcerwagen and propaganda unit handing out posters and flags etc. At some point in heavy winter they revert to horse drawn sled movements. Later images include field guns and armour. There are also several images of knocked out Russian armour throughout. Due to the overall composition this may (at one point) be a Polizei Kampfgruppe involved in anti partisan activity. I have looked into in this area such as Kampfgruppe Prutzmann but the timeframe does not align. Kampfgruppe Günther is a unit which I currently do not have much information on, from what I have read this may be a possibility. These images feature the following known locations/captions: Alexandrowo (Sept - Okt - 1941), Brest Luzk, 'Fahrt von Kostopol nach Beroza 7.1.1943', Kostopil' /Костопіль / Rivne Oblast /Ukraine ->->200km ->bereza kartuska /Beresa-Kartuska Biaroza / Бяроза /Belarus. 'Erste Unterkunft in Kostopol Dezember 1942'. 'Tamotschinowka'. Droshitschin - Laskowiza. Zabrudi /Zebrudi. 'Strasse Luzk-Brest'. Fraustadt photo mark (Wschowa Poland). Kremenets [Кременець / Krzemieniec] in Western Ukraine (The large building is the former Jesuit College). Personnel include : SS-Oberführer Wilhelm Günther (* 21.4.1899, 9.11.41 SS-Oberführer, 20.4.43 SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor d. Pol.), 17.06.42 – 23.08.42 Stellv. SS- u. Pol. Führer für Wolhynien und Podolien, Brest, 22.08.42 – 06.06.44 SS- u. Pol. Führer für Wolhynien-Podolien, Luzk. Licence plates include: POL-66336,POL-66333,WH-975007,POL-67903,POL-66325,POL-66330,POL-66337,POL-51606. RFSSuChdDtPol (Motorisierte Gendarmerie) 66001-68000. PP Berlin 51001-52400. Several cars have a Gothic letter 'U' on either the right or left fender and a dogshead symbol on the left fender. At least one vehicle contains both connecting each series of vehicles. Also on the backs of photographs are what may be unit symbols. e.g. Triangle used by Pol.Rgt.Mitte /Pol-Btl-3xx series vehicles. There are also entrenched forest positions.