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Polizei-Bataillon 12

Polizei Bataillon 12 formed in Königsberg in 1939. Stationed to Poland and then Russia North. Believed involved in warcrimes in Poland 1939-1940. Located photographs include Konigsberg, Elbing and believed Croatia. This is a photograph group from a man who served in Polizei Bataillon 12 1939 before moving to Konigsberg and later Croatia and the Balkans. Including coffin and grave photograph of polizei man Heinrich Kattinger, Pol.Btl.12. Locations include Polizei Kaserne Elbing, Königsberg (Kaliningrad), Labiau -> (formerly region Königsberg) Polessk Kaliningrad Oblast, Cranz -> (formerly region Königsberg) Zelenogradsk Kaliningrad Oblast. Included are images of Polizei with Chetniks & Ustasha Black Legion. Later images show mountainous trench / fortification construction as well as repair of partisan destroyed bridges. Command flag vehicle and many edelweiss in wear. Place holder text.