Militaria Archive

Generalgouvernement Sonderdienst - Distrikt Warschau - Garwolin, Poland 1939 - 1941

In May 1940 Governor General Dr. Hans Frank established the uniformed Sonderdienst, composed of male Volksdeutsche volunteers aged 18-40. Some of whom had earlier served in the Selbstschutz. Described as 'a formation designed to carry out administrative and technical work, but which can also be called upon to perform police duties when sufficient regular forces are not available'. This force numbered less than 3000 men, they were armed and filled the role of an Auxiliary police force. Duties included Tax enforcement, quota collection and surveilance of regulated prices. In addition they were also involved in forced population movements of Poles. The uniform consisted of black collar tab and 'Generalgouvernement Sonderdienst' cufftitles, 'S' buckle surrounded (by the word 'Generalgouvernement') and distinctive shoulder patch distinguishing it from Ordnungspolizei. In August 1942 Himmler placed the Sonderdienst under SS control. These photographs range from 1939- August 1941. Included are what appears to be a Selbstschutz headquarters in 1939 featuring an unusual eagle design. Pictures of Selbstschutz & Sonderdienst. There is one photograph of a forced expulsion under armed guard of Poles from the direction of Siedlce.