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Pol.-Ausbildungs-Batl. Deggingen & Pol.Batl.251 1940 - 1941

Pol.-Ausbildungs-Batl. Deggingen was formed in spring 1940 at Gendarmerieschule Deggingen, likely as an Anwarter-Bataillon (Training Battalion) consisting of 4 companies. These images show 3. Zug, 4 .KP, Pol.-Ausbildungs-Batl. Deggingen on training throughout 1940. Around October 1940 Pol.-Ausbildungs-Batl. Deggingen became Polizei-Bataillon 251 and deployed to Norway in March/April 1941. Norwegian locations include Kongsvinger (where Pol.Btl.251 replaced Pol.Btl.2), VenĂ¥s, Halden and there are postcards from Andalsnes Trollstigrestauranten & Romsdalshorn. The Pol.Btl.251 images include licence Plate POL-0154. End of July 1942 Polizei-Regiment 'Nord-Norwegen' consisting of Pol.Btl.251,255,256 formed SS-Polizei-Regiment 26. It's possible that this man was transferred, along with 48 other Wachtmeister d.Sch. from Pol.Btl.251 to Pol.Btl.253 in June 1941 (KommandoTagesbefehl nr.216, Kommando der Schutzpolizei Stuttgart). This would explain the Halden images. Thanks to Tore Greiner Eggan for many of the location captions.